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Subsoiler MGP

Adjustable seeder points

Adjustable hooks (MGPH hydraulic)

Reversible points

Subsoiler MGP

  • Description

    Subsoiler MGP is designed to work with an active cultivating machines for one pass deep cultivation without layer opening. Subsoiler MGP enables better moistening and drainage in the surface layer of the soil. Using MGP with active units for top layer before seeding increases the crop.

  • Technical data

    6100MGP6 30003,0Bolts6190995
    6110MGP8 40004,0Bolts82501210
    6105MGPH6 30003,0Bolts61901024
    6115MGPH8 40004,0Bolts82501315
    6130MGPH10 60006,0Bolts103002160
    6120MGPH12 60006,0Bolts123602225
  • Optional accesories

    • Support wheels 10/80-12″ (set)
    • LED lights
    • Reversible weld-on share point
    • Offset-share point assembly (pc)
    • Rear coupling: spacing cat.II / hook cat.III
    • Rear coupling: spacing cat.III / hook cat.III


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