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About Mandam

Mandam is a polish agricultural machinery manufacturer since 1991. Located in South Poland, in city of Gliwice – the heart of industrial region Silesia. With two production facilities and over 150 qualified employees, we are able to deliver over 3500 machines per year.

Advanced research and testing procedures, run by own technical R&D department, provide continous development. Mandam owns several patents and innovations in agriculture.

Our products are sold to over 24 countires worldwide, with 70/30% (export to domestic) market split.

We are able to custom modify our stock machinery to unique local requirements. There are five main product ranges available, such as: grassland cultivation, pre-seeding, stubble cultivation, ploughing, and implements.

Mandam gained its market position mainly due to high quality stubble cultivators and disc harrows, both offered in a wide range of models and sizes. We are the only manufacturer to offer unlimited 5 year hub warranty on our disc harrows. Sealed, maintenance free hubs are manufactured by ourselves, according to Mandam patent.

Quality oriented: we are to use high quality materials and components, to provide exceptional value to our customers.

Na rynku od 1991 roku
Dwie fabryki
Ponad 150 pracowników
3700 ton maszyn rocznie
3500 maszyn rocznie
Opatentowana technologia

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