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Disc Harrows options

Shallow disc with hub spacers

An option for a special conditions which may cause disc clog due to large amount of post harvest remains, large soil stickness, and similliar. Decreased disc depth (54 mm instead standard 84 mm) & additional 20 mm hub disc spacer, allow easy material flow.

Stone protection plate (set)

The set of stone protection plates mounted to each hub unit. Prevent stones from wedging between a hub and a disc.

Bolted disc hubs (set)

The modification of our famous 5-year warranty maintenance free hub. Bolted version allows fast and inexpansive hub replacement, when times matters. Designed for demanding customers.

Hydraulic working depth adjustment (HRGP)

Allows effortless and quick depth adjustment. Recommended for large machines.

Middle solid screen (ES)

Adjustable solid screen limits the throwing of crop residues over the second bank of discs.

SKAN cultivator

Skan adjustable tine cultivator. Perfect for levelling a field surface.

Support wheels 10/80-12″

A set of front adjustable support wheels stabilize machine during work and help to maintain given working depth. Recommended for wide machines.

Hitch damping

A set of hydraulic cylinder and a hydro accumulator with a very simple adjustment. Decreases machine vibrations, and other unwanted side movements on uneven surface. Recommended for large trailed machines.

Mud fenders

Adjustable, fit all size wheels. Obligatory in several countries.

620/40-22,5″ Oversize wheels

Recommended for heavy machine configuration. They offer great transport stability and low ground pressure

Ball hitch K80

An option available for trailed machinery. Recommended for large, heavy units.

Middle tine screen (EA)

The adjustable tine guard reduces the discharge of crop residues onto the second bank of discs.

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