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Cultivator KUS

Bolt protection (KUS B)

Border discs (OPTION)

Two rows of 5-elements tines

Discs Ø 465 mm

V-ring roller (OPTION)

Cultivator KUS


The KUS cultivator comprise a wide range of machines designed as a robust frame with two beams. The type of machines is used for pre-sowing and pre-planting cultivation as well as for stubble cultivation as they achieve excellent results thanks to perfectly performed undercutting and mixing of post-harvest remains. Two rows of tines, alternating settings of of 465 mm diameter notched discs and a wide range of rollers to choose from guarantee high quality of post-harvest cultivation.

Technical data

500KUS 2,2 B2,2-Bolts5460616
505KUS 2,2 S2,2-Springs5470830
510KUS 2,6 B2,6-Bolts6580762
515KUS 2,6 S2,6-Springs6590896
520KUS 3,0 B3,0-Bolts76100864
525KUS 3,0 S3,0-Springs761101101
570KUS 3,8 B3,8-Bolts981401118
575KUS 3,8 S3,8-Springs981501501
530KUS 3,8 BH3,8+Bolts981501218
535KUS 3,8 SH3,8+Springs981601618
540KUS 4,8 BH4,8+Bolts11101601630
545KUS 4,8 SH3,8+Springs11101701820
550KUS 5,6 BH5,6+Bolts13122001990
555KUS 5,6 SH5,6+Springs13122102482

Optional accesories

  • Border discs (set)
  • Hitch bar
  • inner spring (set)
  • Tubular roller d=540 mm
  • Tubular roller d=620 mm
  • Tandem roller d=560 mm + d=400 mm
  • T-ring roller d=600 mm
  • V-ring roller d=600 mm
  • V-ring roller with paddles d=600 mm
  • C-ring roller d=600 mm
  • C-ring Tandem roller d=600 mm
  • C-ring Tandem HD roller d=600 mm
  • Spring roller d=560 mm
  • Packer roller d=600 mm
  • Rubber roller d=500 mm
  • Disc roller d=600 mm
  • Tine cultivator in front of roller (BPPW)
  • Tine cultivator behind roller (BPZW)
  • LED lights
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment (HRGP)

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