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Weeder HYBRO


Pazurki sprężyste Ø 10 MM

Regulowana sekcja tylna chwastownika

System składania dwoma siłownikami

Odlew żeliwny standard lub sferoidalny (wersja SFERO)

Weeder HYBRO

  • Description

    Based on three section frame, where middle section has a built in hitch frame, while two side frames are folding by use of hydraulic cylinders. HYBRO comes in working widths


    – 3,4,6 and 8 meter. There are two working sections of the machine. Three row drag harrow comes first, hanged freely from top of the frame, to provide great ground copying and lots of clearance. Drags are followed by three row tine section. Equipped with 10 mm thick, height adjustable spring tines, allows stepless adjustments of the machine. While at work, first drag subsection is responsible for leveling the surface, smoothing animal excrements and removal of molehills. Tine section rakes and cleans the meadow. It also improves air and water circulation which stimulates a growth, eliminates weeds and prepares the surface for seeding. Working with HYBRO provides optimal and complete grassland and meadow care.


    HYBRO may be equipped with an electric or pneumatic grass seeder and/or cambridge roller section. „HYBRO ” design is registered and protected by utility patent no. W.122-470 & 1280-01G DE.M.

  • Technical data

    6315HYBRO 3,03,0-262840536
    6315 CHYBRO 3,0 + roller MCB3,0-2628651366
    6310HYBRO 4,0H4,0+4141501038
    6300HYBRO 6,0H6,0+5961651230
    6305HYBRO 8,0H8,0+7780851568
    6315 SHYBRO 3,0 SFERO3,0-262840536
    6315 CSHYBRO 3,0 SFERO + roller MCB3,0-2628651366
    6310 SHYBRO 4,0 H SFERO4,0+4141501038
    6300 SHYBRO 6,0 H SFERO6,0+5961651230
    6305 SHYBRO 8,0 H SFERO8,0+7780851568
  • Standard accesories

  • Optional accesories

    • Transport LED

Optional accessories

Transport LED

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