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Roller STAR

Spring cultivator (OPTION)

Floating hitch steel-teflon bushing

Floating hitch stabilizing springs

Cast wheels Ø 550 mm

Roller STAR


STAR roller – intended for cereal crops, but also perfect for themaintenance of grass and pastureland. Due to angeled multi egde aggressive ring profile, deliveres great crushing and pressing action. Self cleaning and low rolling resistance are also worth mentioning features. Two sizes of rings 500 and 550mm provide multilayered soil compression available with STAR roller. STAR Tandem unit utilizes two 550 mm overlaped rollers for better coverage and feeiciency

Technical data

4500STAR 3,03,0-22/22450/550401300
4505STAR 4,0 H4,0+32/32450/550701500
5400STAR TANDEM 3,03,0-33550502200
5405STAR TANDEM 4,0 H4,0+45550902500

Standard accesories

Optional accesories

  • Two row tine cultivator
  • Spring cultuvator
  • Transport LED


Optional accesories

Transport LED

Two row tine cultivator

Spring cultuvator

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