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Plough ORKAN

Vario steples adjustment

Disc coulter (OPTION)

Slater moldboard 120 cm (OPTION)

Memory cylinder (OPTION)

82 cm frame clearance

High grade steel frame

Support wheel 10,0/75-15,3″ (OPTION)

Plough ORKAN

  • Description

    Orkan – reversible plough – available as 3,4 or 5 furrows vesrion. High grade steel box profile frame beam 120x120x8mm (for 3+ and 3+1 furrows models) and 140x140x10mm (for 4+, 4+1 models),provides light, while robust support. Other features as: 82 cm ground to frame clearance, 102cm furrow spacing and wide range of width adjustment (30-50cm), make Orkan a versatile and efficient machine. By choosing from variety of options, Orkan can be tuned to almost any conditions.

  • Technical data

    4200ORKAN 3+90-150Bolts120x120x882102390850
    4205ORKAN 3+1120-200Bolts120x120x88210241101040
    4210ORKAN 4+120-200Bolts140x140x108210241101060
    4215ORKAN 4+1150-250Bolts140x140x108210251301300
    4400ORKAN RESOR 3+ R90-150resor120x120x8821023901770
    4405ORKAN RESOR 3+1 R120-200resor120x120x88210241101970
    4410ORKAN RESOR 4+ R120-200resor140x140x108210241102070
    4415ORKAN RESOR 4+1 R150-250resor140x140x108210251302272
    4300ORKAN VARIO 3+90-150Bolts120x120x8821023901470
    4305ORKAN VARIO 3+1120-200Bolts120x120x88210241101670
    4310ORKAN VARIO 4+120-200Bolts140x140x108210241101770
    4315ORKAN VARIO 4+1150-250Bolts140x140x108210251301968
  • Standard accesories

  • Optional accesories

    • Skimmers
    • Memory hydraulic servomotor
    • Pneumatic support wheel 10,0/75-15,3”
    • Wheel scraper
    • Notched disc knife ø 500 mm
    • Share knife
    • Long moldboard 120 cm
    • Long slated moldboard 120 cm
    • Trash board
    • Moldboard extension

Optional accesories


Memory cylinder

Support wheel 10,0/80-12″

Wheel scraper

Disc coulter

Share knife

Modboard L-80 cm

Modboard l-120 cm

Trash board

Moldboard extension

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